2015 Season End Tournament - CP

June 19th to June 30th


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The Pisgah Youth Organization
Hosts the Coach Pitch
Season End Baseball Tournament

Dates: June 19th to 30th, 2015
(Note; in the event of Rain -- Rescheduling may push Championship Games beyond June 30th.)

Location: PYO Complex in West Chester, OH

NOTE: on 6/27 @ Noon, Team Lehman forfeited to Team Castner because of not having enough players to field a Team in Pool Play.

For the purposes of establishing the 1 to 6 Team Seeding of the Championship Round play, (using the Tie Breaker logic of Winning Record, Runs Against, Runs For and then Coin Toss) we took the total Runs Against from all teams in the Pool Play and did the math to find out the average # of Runs Against for all games played. The average "Runs Against" totaled 18 for each game played.

The 18 runs was then memo added to Team Castner's "Runs Against" for the 2 games already played. The memo run count placed Team Castner in 7th place with 70 Runs Against. Only 4 runs behind Team Schuckman who beat Team Castner in Pool Play. This was the most extremely close event we have had in years.

Sounds complicated but we needed the math to fairly establish the top 6 seeds to enter the Championship Round.

2015 PYO Season End Tournament Rules - CP

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